Frequently asked questions

Read carefully the frequently asked questions at Cheap Carts Dispensary . If you still have any question please do no hesitate to contact us through by email or phone.


Can THC cartridges be shipped?

Yes , at Cheap Carts Dispensary , all our vape cartridges are shipped discreetly by 420 mail order . 

Can you buy Rove carts online?

Like all of our vape carts , our rove cartridges can also be ordered online.

What is the THC level percentage in your THC oil cartridges?

Our cartridges have THC levels of 25-100% .

How long does delivery take?

It typically takes up to 48 hours to receive your order after payment has been confirmed . Please be patient if there is a little delay. This might be due to a backlog of deliveries.

Please do send us an email if you still have any questions after reading this FAQ. We are more than ready to help you out.